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Superintendent's Update

Friday, August 28:  We have had a great first week at Van ISD!  After the hectic summer we had, it was nice to see all the smiling, happy faces of our students as they entered our campuses for the start of another school year.

Going into this school year, we knew we would face many unknown obstacles.  We created a new portable campus of second and third grade students at Van Intermediate School (a.k.a. The Little Vandal Village).  We also relocated J.E. Rhodes Elementary School (our kindergarten and first grade students) to the permanent building that the Van Intermediate School previously occupied.  Both moves have caused us to deal with issues we haven’t necessarily dealt with in the past.  The biggest issue to this point is our drop-off and pick-up procedures and processes at both locations.

At J.E. Rhodes Elementary School, the morning drop off must be done at the south end of the campus because the west entrance is used for our bus drop off.  Bus drop off begins at approximately 7:20 so we can have personnel ready to assist the students as they enter the building.  Each morning we have several employees helping students get out of their cars as quickly as possible.  This process has been running very smoothly but I do have one concern.  We are having a few parents who are parking in the administration parking lot and then walking their children to the building before returning to their parked car.  The concern I have is the parents and their children must cross the road in between the cars that are in the drop-off line.  First, this is a safety concern.  Second, it slows down the traffic flow.  We are going to ask all parents to please drop off their children from the car line and to refrain from parking their cars and walking their children to the building.  The afternoon pick-up is going well now that we made the change to have all Pre-K and Kindergarten students picked up at the north parking lot and the first grade students picked up at the south entrance. 

At Van Middle School/Van Intermediate School, the week started off pretty rough.  The morning drop-off has gone pretty smooth but the afternoon pick-up is another story.  Monday was a particularly rough day.  The first day of school is always a very high traffic congestion day even without the addition of two more grade levels at Van Middle School.  The extra parking loop the district added over the summer and the designated route helped pull a lot of traffic off of Hwy 110 but the amount of traffic was overwhelming.  It took approximately one hour for all the car riders to get through the line on Monday.  On Tuesday, it took 40 minutes. And on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, it took approximately 25 minutes.  I cannot say enough good things about the coordination and cooperation of the staffs of Van Middle School and Van Intermediate School.  Together, each campus staff has worked very hard to organize the pick-up line and to put a system in place that is quick and efficient.  From the requirement of student name tags in each car window to a teacher in the parking line constantly calling out student names and grade levels over the radio to teachers searching for and directing students, they have done an outstanding job.  We now have approximately 850 students at this combined campus and to be able to load all of them into a bus or a car within 25 minutes is a really big accomplishment.  Please continue to be patient with us as we strive to make the afternoon pick-up run as smoothly as possible.

We are blessed with many dedicated employees who drive our buses and work the drop-off and pick-up lines at each campus across our district.  They are the first smiling Van ISD employee our students see each morning and the last they see each afternoon.   I am thankful for each of these employees and their desire to positively impact our kids.

We are looking forward to a great year at Van ISD!!  #WeAreVan    

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