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Superintendent's Daily Update

Wednesday, May 20 - Day 11:   Good news!  We have thirty-seven out of our thirty-nine buses running at 100%. We are currently keeping two buses from Tyler ISD and three buses from Lindale ISD.  We expect to be able to return them by next Tuesday.  We are in the process of scheduling the evaluation of Van Memorial Stadium and the surrounding sporting complexes. 

This afternoon, the First Lady of Texas, Mrs. Cecilia Abbott, met with Van ISD officials and the Mayor of Van, Dean Stone.  She was overwhelmed by the damage but amazed by the progress that has obviously been made.  Mrs. Abbott showed great concern for the children and stated that she hopes this is a message for the children to move forward, and that life does go on.  To quote her husband, Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, life’s motto, “Get through adversity and not to get bogged down on the little things and to take care of each other.”  Mrs. Abbott showed great concern about the support we need and wanted to know if we were receiving it.  Many of the people in attendance shared stories of how not only OUR community but also the surrounding communities, including school rivals, showed their support.  Mrs. Abbott was impressed and said, “This shows the Spirit of Texas…Taking Care of Each Other!”  She showed compassion by inquiring about people and students hurt in the storm.  She also wanted to know how the children were transitioning back to their normal school routines.  Examples were given such as:  the One-Act Play going to Austin, VHS choir trip to New York, along with year-end fun nights for the two campuses that were released for the rest of the year.   Mrs. Abbott brought items to donate from her daughter and asked that we communicate our future needs.   She was impressed with the Command Communication Center and procedures for sharing information.  Mrs. Abbott is interested in hearing the many stories that students and our community have to share.  Marty Moore, principal of Van Intermediate School, shared a touching story regarding one of her students.  During Friday Fun Night, a student was upset because a friend he was concerned about did not attend the event.  Even though he was told his friend was okay the student was still inconsolable.  The next day the office staff was able to reunite the two friends together.  Mrs. Abbott was able to visit with the Parish family regarding their experience and the loss of their home.  She then met with Mrs. Yowell’s 4th grade class and was able to hear from two students whose homes were also lost in the tornado.  Mrs. Abbott later toured the damage to Van ISD property and was able to see the destruction first hand.

There are 96 days until the first day of school!  #WeAreVan  

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