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Superintendent's Update

Tuesday, March 22:   I once heard a story of a grandmother who boycotted Mother's Day.  She believed, "Mothers should be appreciated every day!"  The same line of thinking could be said about teachers.  Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2-6 this year.  Van ISD will show our appreciation for our teachers during this week like we do every year.  But, like the miffed grandmother, showing gratitude for one day or one week of the year does not seem quite right when it comes to appreciating our teachers.  All of our teachers at every campus and at every grade level have worked tirelessly since the first day of school back in August to make sure every one of their students improve and get the best education possible.  They put in countless hours before school, after school, and on weekends preparing to teach their classes.  They do this, not because of the great paycheck, but because of their love for our kids…your kids. 

The spring semester is so busy and our teachers are stressed out preparing our students for their mandatory state testing.  This is really the most stressful time of year for our teachers.  Van ISD is not going to wait until May to start telling our teachers how much we appreciate them.  Along with all of our principals, we have made plans to do several little things for the rest of the year that will hopefully alleviate some of their stress and let them know how much we really do appreciate them.  I ask that you join us!  There are several ways that everyone can help celebrate our teachers such as the following:

  • Drop an email to the teacher and copy the campus principal.
  • Give a small token of appreciation for your favorite teacher.
  • Volunteer.
  • Encourage your children to express their gratitude.
  • Send them treats.
  • Give a gift card.
  • Let them know the positive impact they are having on your child and your appreciation for all they do.

I don’t think any teacher would turn any of this kind of support or appreciation away!  At the end of the day though, it is about letting them know that their efforts matter and that they make a difference in the lives of our children every day.  It’s about realizing that something they did was of service to your child and is truly appreciated by you.  I hope you will take some time over the next couple of months to support the terrific teachers in your kids’ lives.  They absolutely deserve it!

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District News & Announcements

VISD Summer School Schedule 
2016 summer school schedule was released today. 


2015-2016 Teachers of the Year 
2015-2016 Teachers of the Year Were Announced Today!! 


VHS Academics Team Selected as National High School Heart of the Arts Award 
VHS Academics Team Wins Prestigious National Award!!  


Van ISD Literacy Partners 
Consider investing 30 minutes a week to make an impact in the life of a child. Become a Literacy Partner!! 


New Phone Numbers at Administration Office 
Please use these numbers to contact central office and technology department employees.