The Van ISD Education Foundation held its annual academic banquet April 30th at the Van First Baptist Church.  The banquet recognized the top ten graduating seniors, their chosen distinguished educators, academic UIL state qualifiers, Education Foundation grant recipients, and other academic successes of Van High School students.

The theme of this year’s event was “Voice.”  The top ten seniors were challenged to search for one word that described their unique voice.  The theme was further explained in the event’s program:

“It is our voice and we yearn to be heard. From the spirited cheerleader to the unyielding football player, and from the creative photographer to the quiet genius, we strive for our talents to make a difference.  Each of us has carved out a unique niche at VISD...Together, however, our united language is one of power and hope.”

The program and the videos that highlight the night were created using technology and equipment purchased with grant money from the VISD Education Foundation.  Journalism teacher Jeanette Germany explained that students within her department developed the theme, program, and multi-media presentations from beginning to end.

“Amy King came up with the theme and how to develop it where it showed how each student has their own voice and that when used together that voice is even stronger. She and Weston McFarlin set up all the pre- and post-production of the opening video and all the teacher/student videos. Amy was also the creative genius behind the program.  They made the program a success and made it a completely student-driven production,” Germany said.

This year's top ten graduates and their distinguished educators are: Lindsey Kellam and Mrs. Anna Maples; Madison Kendrick and Mrs. Judy Giles; Shawn Thompson and Mr. Larry Wisdom; Kate Kalas and Mrs. Liz Cowden; Katie Rhodes and Coach Toby Mitchell; Grayson McFarlin and Mrs. Jeanette Germany; Forrest Hebron and Mr. Rory McKenzie; Hayden Preston and Mr. Edwin Hebron; Macy Moore and Mrs. Angie Reed; and Amy King and Mrs. Jeanette Germany.

“The banquet was a success, not because of anything we did as individuals, but because we had so many people—most notably students—working behind the scenes to make sure their night was as special and memorable as it could possibly be.  I feel so honored to have been a part of this night with these seniors,” VISD Education Foundation executive director Angie Reed stated.


The Education Foundation was also excited to recognize Josh Mashburn, the first National Merit Scholar semi-finalist for VHS in twenty-five years, scoring in the top 2% in the nation of the 1.5 million students across the US to take the PSAT-National Merit Scholar Qualifying Test. 

Masburn was also recognized as a member of the FFA state champion quiz team, along with Jacob Mashburn, Forrest Hebron, and Jan Mayne.


Hebron and Jacob Savage were recognized for their success in the Texas Forensic Association state competition, as well as being qualifiers for the National Debate competition, along with teammates Adam Lacier and MacKenzie Marquess.

Jonathan Cauthron, Clayton Moore, Clark Boothe, and Marshall Sampson were recognized for their achievements in the Technology Students Association competition.

UIL State qualifiers receiving recognition were: Hayden Gable, Forrest Hebron, Ben Garrett, Megan Calhoun, Hannah Moore, McCall Sowers, Jacob Mashburn, Gage Rice, Jessica Hernandez, Erica Alvarado, Tori Brown, Macy Moore, Lisa Morgan, Colby Rucker, Logan Sartain, Caleb Manshack, Brandon Elliot, Ryan Williams, Ryan Ordmandy, Nathanael Hinrichsen, Josh Mashburn, Marleigh Konzem, Tommy Knowles, and Amanda Lopez, Susannah Wisdom,Shawn Thompson, and Mackenzie Marquess.

Also recognized for making its sixth consecutive trip to the UIL state competition was the one act play cast and crew, directed by Larry Wisdom: Shawn Thompson, Caleb Manshack, Ashley Jackson, Zach Whitus, Susannah Wisdom, Ryan Ordmandy, Ryan Williams, Lizz Dunn, Brandon Elliot, McCall Sowers, Hannah Moore, Amanda Wilgus, Josh Cole, Conner Covington, Weston McFarlin, Victor Jimenez, Elizabeth Helms, Jodeci Jenkins, Morgan Canfield, and Cecelia Sanchez.




Van ISD Education Foundation Thank You for 10 Years of Service

Van ISD Education Foundation 2011 Academic Banquet and Parent Tribute