To celebrate the end of a great year, we are treating 1st—3rd grade students to a day at the Splash Kingdom Water Park in Canton.  The park is well equipped with lifeguards, and safety is top priority.  There are plenty of activities for non-swimmers and swimmers alike.  The date for our trip to Splash Kingdom is May 24.  The park is reserved for our campus only.


Parents are welcome to join us at Splash Kingdom, but we are asking adults only—no siblings or other children, please.  The cost for parents is $15.   Our school will sell tickets to parents outside the entrance to Splash Kingdom on May 24 till 11:00.  Only check or cash will be accepted.  We are due to arrive at 9:45 that morning, and any parents who plan to attend should meet us at Splash Kingdom at that time.  At 11:00 the gates will be closed for ticket sales and parents arriving late will not be able to buy tickets or enter the park.  The school is covering the admission cost for all students.  Students are asked to provide $5 for lunch inside the park.


All students must ride the bus to Splash Kingdom.  Students will be required to follow this dress code:  Girls need to wear a one-piece swimsuit or tankini (no tummy showing) or a 2-piece with a T-shirt.  Boys need to wear swim trunks with a T-shirt.  Please send a towel and sunscreen.  Your child may bring extra money for concessions, the arcade, and gift shop, but this is not required.